Written by Marisa MacDonald, Librarian, Library Services

This educational and prize-filled promotion seeks to increase awareness of the services and resources offered by Library Services.

Get your thinking caps on – it’s time for Library Games, 2nd Edition.

You may or may not remember Library Games from 2015 – thank you to all who gave our trivia a try. This year, we’ve got a few changes and more chances to win.

Here’s how to play Library Games, 2nd Edition:

There will be four rounds of play, starting in May. Each round will promote one of our services/resources. Watch for announcements via e-mail, on our FH Pulse page, at one of our six library branches, and at your site. Better yet, contact us if you would like to arrange a brief presentation or demo for your team.

At the end of each round we will have a prize draw.

How to enter:

If you participate in an educational activity for that round – you get an entry for the draw. If you answer the trivia question, you also get an entry. Play both ways and double your chances to win.

In October, to wrap up Library Games and celebrate National Library Month, there will be a Grand Prize draw. If you participated in all four rounds your chances of winning go up. You will get a Grand Prize entry for each time you participated – that’s up to eight entries per person!

Don’t think you need to know about the library? 

There are many misconceptions about what the library does, and doesn’t do. The most important thing to know is that we’ve got a little something for everyone. Our services and resources can save you time, frustration, and make your work life a little easier. And we don’t just support patient care – we support decision making, research and professional development.  

By participating in Library Games, you’ll become a library champion. Simply put, you’ll know who we are, what we do, and how we can support your work. You may not need the library today, but you’ll know who we are when you need us tomorrow.

So put on your smarty pants and get ready for Round 1: Information at the Point of Care. We’ve got a trivia question ready for those keen to take on the challenge. Or get the answer (yes, we said answer!) to the trivia by checking out one of our educational activities. For more information, visit Library Games or e-mail library_games@fraserhealth.ca.

Did we mention there will be prizes?

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