Written by Angela Wilson, Manager, Corporate Communications

Provincial Health Services Authority has a brand new intranet, with a fresh look and improved search function. Check it out and don't forget to update your bookmarks.

We are very excited to announce that the new Provincial Health Services Authority intranet - PHSA on Demand (POD) -- is now live! Check it out at http://2pod.phsa.ca.

How will the new POD affect Fraser Health staff?

  • Changing links: If your program currently has links to pages on PHSA’s POD from your teamsite or Fraser Health Pulse, please update your links. Search the site to find the new link you’ll need to set; if you can’t find the new location for your information, reach out to the editor noted at the bottom of the old POD page that you had linked to. (Please note: links to the old POD will be broken as of June 2017.)
  • Accessing the new POD: All staff will have access to PHSA’s new POD, best viewed with Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. 

Frequent users will notice:

  • A fresh look and feel (no more orange!) 
  • Intuitive navigation and drop-down menus to help search for information faster
  • A new directory format, which includes more information as well as the ability to search all health authority staff across the province.

Our improved search function allows users to:

  • Filter results by document type such as excel, word and PDF or by page
  • Hover over a searched item to see a visual preview of the content 
  • ‘Follow’ or easily send the page or url to other users 
  • Find other related content, in addition to your searched item

There are a few remaining sections to be updated, but the most up-to-date information will now be posted on the new POD site. Users can access the old POD until mid-late May 2017. At the end of May, old POD will be taken down and new POD will be the single go-to source for staff across PHSA.


Questions? Please send feedback to webhelp@phsa.ca.

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