Written by Merna Bee, Leader, Accreditation Team

Accreditation Canada has opened up the window of accepting applications for the intake of new surveyors. Deadline for applications is June 16.

If you are interested in:

  • Delivering high standards of patient care
  • Learning how other health organizations achieve these standards
  • Sharing how your experience to achieve these standards
  • Meeting new people and networking with other health teams across Canada

Who is eligible?

If you are:

  • a physician or
  • an experienced health professional working in a clinical or an administrative role
  • are employed in a full-time permanent capacity
  • are knowledgeable about the Canadian health care system
  • have excellent communication, interpersonal and analytical skills

Some of our accreditation surveyors

Dr. Dave Williams, respirologist, quality improvement medicine

  • Became a surveyor six years ago because of his passion for quality
  • Experiences of being a surveyor have given him ideas about safety, quality and the culture of other organizations, and increased his network of colleagues.
  • Is able share his learnings to create new ideas in his own health authority

Gil Vergilio, quality improvement consultant

  • Has been a surveyor for 21 years and with the international team for 10 years
  • Experiences include quality pilots in the Middle East
  • Health provision for Corrections Canada and the Armed Forces
  • Large companies spanning multiple provinces

Michele Babich, executive director, Lower Mainland pharmacy services

  • Joined the survey team in 2010 to gain deeper insight into the process
  • Enjoys the ability to help other organizations with their quality improvement
  • To see how other health organizations deal with similar challenges we face
  • Shares back new ideas and practices with our organization
  • To assist us with our accreditation surveys

Merna Bee, respiratory therapist

  1. Joined the survey team in 2016 to gain a better understanding of the process
  2. Being a surveyor brings back ideas for our health authority
  3. Gaining insight to opportunities encountered by other organizations and sharing ideas of Fraser Health successes
  4. Meeting people from other health institutions across the country

How to become a surveyor

Much like applying for a job becoming a surveyor involves an application, interview, reference checks, orientation and an internship. Applications are currently being accepted for the fall intake.

Details can be found on Accreditation Canada's website.

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