Written by Dr. Ingrid Tyler, Medical Health Officer

This month we are launching our Speak Up for Smoke-Free campaign, to give you a voice as we work towards a workplace that is smoke-free by 2019.

If a patient insists on wearing heavy fragrance to clinic appointments, leaving an allergic staff member with migraines, we speak up in support of our scented products policy.

If a colleague creates an inappropriate Fraser Health-branded social media account, we speak up in support of our electronic communications policy.

If a patient begins arguing with a nurse and starts using rude or inappropriate language, we speak up in support of our violence prevention policy.

In the same way as Fraser Health employees naturally speak up for these Fraser Health policies, seeing them as community responsibilities, we’d like to encourage you to speak up for our smoke-free policy.

This month we are launching our Speak Up for Smoke-Free campaign.

This is our way of giving you a voice as we work towards a workplace that is 100 per cent smoke-free by 2019, to ensure the health of our employees and patients.

In the coming weeks, follow our campaign with articles in The Beat and online:

  • You’ll hear right from your peers about real techniques they use to end smoking on our properties.
  • You’ll learn why your colleagues think it is important to play their part in maintaining our community standards.
  • You’ll hear directly from our patients about how smoking on our properties affects them.
  • You’ll read about what finally helped real smokers to quit for good – insight you can use to help your own patients comply with the smoke free policy.

We’ll also share a wealth of free-to use stories, posters, resources and tools with you in a new toolkit we will distribute over the coming months, which facility management, site leaders and interested staff can use to help support our smoke-free policy at your workplaces. Check out the brand new Smoke-Free Policy and You module available now on CCRS (search: “Smoke Free”). Additional new training modules on clinical smoking cessation intervention and nicotine withdrawal management will soon be available to all staff on CCRS.

Throughout the next month, we will also address head-on some of the misconceptions about our smoke-free policy, answering your questions in our new FAQ on our smoke-free policy hub on FHPulse.

Wondering about the role of security in enforcing our policy? Want to know what city bylaw officers are doing? It’s all in our FAQ, which we will keep adding to.

Have a question? Leave them in the comments field below or send us an email at healthyliving@fraserhealth.ca.

Please join us this month as we speak up for smoke-free. When we all speak together, we can breathe easy.

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