Written by Magdalena Newman, Research Navigator Leader, BC SUPPORT Unit Fraser Centre

The BC SUPPORT Unit Fraser Centre is ready to support your patient-oriented projects in a number of ways. Meet Lupin Battersby, knowledge translation specialist for Fraser Centre, and the services she provides.

Lupin was a clinical counsellor before moving to work in research related to mental health, leading to her ongoing interest in exploring and supporting the interaction of research and practice, or knowledge translation.

What is knowledge translation?

In short, knowledge translation is about bringing research and practice together and applying good knowledge (e.g. research evidence) to improve health services, products, and systems. For a full definition, see the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

What are patient-oriented projects?

Projects that engage patients, caregivers, family members or the public as team members.

Who can access these services?

Fraser region clinicians, decision makers, and researchers interested in patient-oriented knowledge translation.

What are the knowledge translation services available?

This could include:

  • Consultation to identify your knowledge translation goals, aims and objectives
  • Assistance with knowledge translation planning for patient oriented grant applications
  • Support with designing, drafting and editing dissemination materials (e.g. presentations, policy briefs, blogs)
  • Planning and ongoing supports for knowledge translationprojects (e.g. facilitating meetings, tracking progress)
  • Facilitating opportunities and relationship building with relevant decision makers, knowledge users, and other stakeholders

These knowledge translation supports can help you get your message to the right ears and ensure that good knowledge does not go to waste. To access these and the other BC SUPPORT Unit Fraser Centre services, submit an inquiry form and we will be in touch.

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