Written by Nafisa Abdulla, Senior Consultant, Public Affairs, Communications & Public Affairs

Delta residents will be able to access medical imaging services more quickly when the new Diagnostic Services building opens at Delta Hospital in 2019.

Delta Hospital Foundation and its donors, hospital staff and community members officially launched construction of the new Peter C. and Elizabeth Toigo Diagnostic Services building, which will be 2.5 times bigger than the current space at Delta Hospital and will be able to accommodate an additional 32,000 patient visits each year.

The project will expand, enhance and relocate the hospital’s medical imaging and laboratory services departments into a brand new, two-storey facility. The new space was designed with input from medical imaging and laboratory staff and, once complete in 2019, it will not only accommodate more patient visits each year but will also make it easier for staff to treat patients and operate more efficiently.

The number of patients requiring diagnostic services at Delta Hospital has increased to more than 90,000 per year from almost 14,000 in 1977. Expanding and improving diagnostic services will lead to faster and more precise diagnoses as new technology and more space allows staff to work more efficiently. This ultimately allows staff to start treatment or care plans earlier and results in shorter hospital stays for patients. The new space provides more privacy and comfort for patients, while medical staff will have access to state-of-the-art equipment which will enable them to detect an illness and initiate treatment in a timely manner. 

Read the full news release here.

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