Written by Dr. Aamir Bharmal, Medical Health Officer, Population and Public Health

Tomorrow, Friday, December 1, marks the first day that our Influenza Control Program Policy goes into effect.

If you have not reported your flu shot, or have reported your decision to wear a mask during flu season, starting tomorrow, you need to wear a mask when you are in a patient care area. You will need to continue wearing a mask for the remainder of flu season, or until you report your vaccination.

The Influenza Control Program Policy takes effect on Monday, December 1. This policy requires all staff, physicians, dentists, midwives, nurse practitioners, volunteers, students, contractors and visitors to be vaccinated against influenza or wear a surgical/procedure mask when in a patient care area during flu season, starting December 1. Compliance is required for all Fraser Health employees and medical staff.

Managers will be following up with employees who have not yet reported their flu shot or reported that they will be masking to ensure that surgical procedure masks are being worn appropriately in patient care areas.

Not sure how to wear a mask properly? Watch this video for mask-wearing tips.

Haven’t reported yet? Here’s what to do.

1. Wear a mask. If you have not reported, or have reported that you will be wearing a mask this flu season, you need to wear a mask now, and continue to wear a mask for the remainder of the season, or until you report your flu shot.

2. Get your flu shot. Workplace Health immunization clinics close tomorrow. But you can still get your flu shot from a Peer Nurse Immunizer, your family doctor, pharmacy or walk-in clinic. Remember to bring your BC CareCard if you go to a pharmacy or walk-in clinic.

3. Report your decision. Once you have received your flu shot (regardless of where you received it) or have chosen to decline vaccination and wear a mask for the duration of the flu season, you need to report it, as per the following:

How do I report?
You are a: Report your flu shot or decision to mask to:
Employee Influenzareporting.org
Physician/ Medical Staff Medicalstaffhealth.phsa.ca
Volunteer Volunteer manager or coordinator
Contractor Supervisor or manager
Student Instructor

Visit our Fraser Health influenza page and FH Pulse influenza page for more information or email your questions to influenzaquestions@fraserhealth.ca.

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