Written by Nafisa Abdulla, Senior Consultant, Public Affairs, Communications & Public Affairs

A new Intensive Case Management team in Langley assists people struggling with substance use issues and connects them to treatment and support services.

A new Intensive Case Management team has been established in Langley to support people with severe substance use disorders to recover and reintegrate into their community.

The team, which consists of a nurse practitioner, an addictions specialist, a psychiatrist, a peer support worker and housing outreach workers, assists vulnerable people who may also be facing significant challenges related to health, mental health, housing, education and poverty.

“We’ve seen success through other Intensive Case Management teams where clients have been connected to housing and appropriate health care practitioners for continuing care and integrated into the community by obtaining personal identification, opening bank accounts, managing money and registering with the food bank.”

The team provides comprehensive assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and uses an approach where an individual is not required to discontinue using drugs before accessing services. The Intensive Case Management team helps individuals with:

  • Substance use counselling and/or access to treatment
  • Finding housing
  • Daily living skills-building
  • Connections to primary, dental, and specialist care
  • Grocery shopping
  • Accessing employment support
  • Connections to community resources
  • Transportation to appointments
  • Supporting and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices, personal hygiene, short and long-term goal setting, and money management.

We have contracted Langley Community Services to provide Intensive Case Management service. They will work closely with Stepping Stones Services Society, Salvation Army – The Gateway of Hope, and Encompass Support Services Society. In addition, the Intensive Case Management team will work in close partnership with BC Housing, following a ‘Housing First’ philosophy that supports people who are homeless to obtain and maintain housing.

The Intensive Case Management team is part of our multi-faceted strategy to address the overdose emergency in the region, which also includes prevention, early intervention, harm reduction and treatment.

Read the full news release here.

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