Written by Dave Keen, Executive Director, Fraser Health Workplace Health

This flu season, the way managers check their department flu vaccination status has changed. There is a new online reporting tool on Management Centre. Here’s how to use it.

Vaccination and masking can only be effective in preventing influenza if all of our employees participate.

Now, managers have a new way of checking to see who in their department still needs to do their part by reporting their decision.

In the past, managers have received emails outlining the progress their department is making in vaccinating or masking and reporting their choice.

This year, that is changing. There will be no email updates this year.

Instead, managers will be responsible for monitoring this information on the Management Centre website, a more effective way to consolidate data and reduce email volume.

Simply click on the Reports menu within Management Centre. You should see your 2017/18 Influenza Vaccination Rate data at the bottom left of your Reports & Metrics screen under Health & Wellness.

When you click on the Influenza Vaccination Rate metric shown above, you will have access to a detailed breakdown of individual staff and their status.

It is the responsibility of each manager to check their own department vaccination rates and follow up with their staff accordingly.

If you are a manager and have any questions about how to use the Management Centre reporting tool for the 2017/18 Influenza Vaccination Rate metric, please contact paul.brown@fraserhealth.ca.

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