Written by Ruth Hellerud-Brown, Project Lead, Healthy Living/Healthy Communities

Want a smoke-free property? Public Health’s Tobacco Working Group now has a new Smoke-Free Policy Site Leader Toolkit.

When employees and patients see Lisa Zetes-Zanatta walking around the grounds of Eagle Ridge Hospital holding an ashtray, they may not be sure what to make of her.

The executive director for New Westminster and Tri-Cities Communities and Eagle Ridge Hospital wants smokers at her site to know she’s serious about ensuring the hospital remains a no-smoking zone.

Asking people seen smoking on hospital grounds to butt out – right into her ashtray – when she makes her patrols of the grounds and entrances has become a concrete way to help patients and employees understand their obligation to abide by Fraser Health’s Smoke-Free Policy.

Zetes-Zanatta feels a personal responsibility to ensure employees, patients and visitors to her site are protected from second-hand cigarette smoke. And as a site leader, she has an obligation to support the policy.

“My role is to assist when I see someone on the grounds smoking to politely ask them to desist or move off of the campus of care,” she says. “This is everyone’s role in my opinion. I model the behaviour I want the staff to adopt, without preaching, so that they will start to emulate the work, making our team of outreach larger.”

If we are going to achieve our goal of being a 100 per cent smoke-free health authority by the end of 2019, then we need the help of many more site leaders and employees like Zetes-Zanatta.

So Population and Public Health’s Tobacco Working Group has created a new Smoke-Free Policy Site Leader Toolkit, available to download now in PDF format from our FHPulse page. 

The toolkit is a simple, visual, step-by-step guide for leaders to implement the required smoke-free measures at their sites. We’ve collected everything you need including:

  • A checklist of five simple steps to becoming a smoke-free site
  • How to strike up and sustain a smoke-free site working group
  • Guidelines for talking to smokers
  • Education and clinical tools for staff
  • Access to promotional materials: smoke-free posters, buttons, rack cards, screensavers
  • Pre-written newsletter articles for your site publications
  • How to request in-person training
  • Who to contact with smoke-free questions

Download your own copy of the toolkit. If you would like to request a smoke-free presentation at your site please email smoke-free@fraserhealth.ca.

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