Written by Kim Dreher, Program Coordinator, Do Bugs Need Drugs? Program, BC Centre for Disease Control

World Antibiotic Awareness Week is November 13–19, 2017. You can join the global movement to stop antibiotic resistance by taking the pledge to use antibiotics wisely.

November 13–19, 2017 is World Antibiotic Awareness Week, a global campaign organized by the World Health Organization to encourage the responsible use of antibiotics.

This year, the B.C. Centre for Disease Control is encouraging everyone to learn more about antibiotics, antibiotic resistance, and what individuals can do to help fight this growing threat to human health by pledging to use antibiotics wisely. Take the pledge at antibioticwise.ca

Preventing antibiotic resistance

Antibiotics are medicines that can quickly help to heal some types of infection caused by bacteria, but when they’re used too much or not used the right way, they may not work anymore. Antibiotic resistance is one of the greatest threats to human health, but you can help prevent and stop its spread.

Bugs & Drugs is a peer-reviewed, evidence-based, and frequently updated antimicrobial reference guide for health care professionals now available online or through an app. Bugs & Drugsis supported by the Do Bugs Need Drugs?program and is funded in British Columbia by the B.C. Ministry of Health, Pharmaceutical Services Division.

Did you know…

  • 8,000 Canadians died last year from hospital-acquired infections. (Canadian Patient Safety Institute, 2016)
  • 23 million antibiotic prescriptions were dispensed by Canadian pharmacies in 2016. (Public Health Agency of Canada)
  • Twice as many patients die from infections caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria than those caused by non-resistant bacteria. (World Health Organization)

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