Written by Philip Murray, Spiritual Health Leader and Educator, Spiritual Health / Professional Practice

The Spiritual Health – Supporting Person-Centred Care education module is now available on The Learning Hub to help you and your teams support the people in your care.

The B.C. Ministry of Health has just released Spiritual Health – Supporting Person-Centred Care as an education module on the LearningHub.

This training is intended to enhance the way spiritual health is supported for people who are receiving care in our health care system by fostering an organizational culture that recognizes all dimensions of a person – spiritual, physical, social and emotional - and incorporates patients’ core values and beliefs into their care.

Spiritual needs often arise in response to illness, injury or loss. In these situations, many individuals find themselves looking for ways to find meaning, ways to express themselves, or ways to connect to their faith or beliefs. Spiritual needs may also arise when patients or families are faced with major decisions about their health or the health of a loved one.

The Spiritual Health – Supporting Person-Centred Care education module is now available on the Learning Hub to help you and your teams support the people in your care, as well as each other, by recognizing and responding to spiritual health needs.

Upon completing this course, you should have a greater understanding of the importance of attending to a person’s spiritual health needs and should be able to:

  • Explain what spirituality means and how it is connected to a person’s overall well-being.
  • Explain the benefits of spiritual health care, as well as the difficulties associated with spiritual distress.
  • Recognize indicators of spiritual distress and situations when spiritual distress may occur.
  • Initiate conversations in order to identify beliefs, values and practices that may impact care.
  • Explain how all members of the inter-professional team can support spiritual health.
  • Make referrals to Spiritual Health Professionals and others when spiritual needs or spiritual distress is identified.

For more information about spiritual health services at Fraser Health, visit our FH Pulse page email spiritual.health@fraserhealth.ca

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