Written by Camille Viray, Education and Communications Coordinator, Department of Evaluation and Research Services

Take advantage of these free workshops to enhance your research, evaluation and library skills. Open to all Fraser Health employees and physicians.

Are you curious about starting a research or evaluation project? Want to know how to navigate the research process?

Our workshops can help you to define your research and evaluation questions, decide which methods to choose, analyze quantitative and qualitative data, and share your research and evaluation results.

What others have said:

  • “Appreciate the level of knowledge and expertise of the instructors, they made the course very meaningful, and relevant.” – 2016 Participant (Critical Appraisal of Research Evidence)
  • “Very high quality workshop – it was the first one I have attended and I found the information was presented in a very easy to understand manner.” – 2016 Participant (Surveys and Questionnaires)
  • “When getting my coffee at break I raved about how much impact the first hour had already had on my work: A-ha moments, despite experience in evaluation.” – 2017 Participant (Logic Models and Indicators)

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