Written by Tanya Colledge, Community Initiatives & Social Media Coordinator, Transplant BC

BC Transplant has launched a new website that makes it easier for transplant recipients to access medication information.

-- transplant.bc.ca/medications

We encourage you to share this new mobile-friendly website with your patients and their families.

Why was this site developed?

In order to make sure their new organs function properly, transplant recipients are put onto a regime of medication for the rest of their lives.

The amount of information transplant recipients receive about post-transplant care can be overwhelming. They’ve just gone through major surgery and now need to adapt to their new lifestyle.

It’s critical for recipients and those involved in their care to have accurate information and a clear understanding of medication information, because taking medications correctly has a direct impact on health outcomes, including organ rejection.

Who developed the site?

The website, transplant.bc.ca/medications was devised by a team from St. Paul’s Kidney Transplant Clinic who recognized the need for patients to have clear and understandable information about transplant medication.

What type of information is on the site?

  • General Medication Info: This section discusses topics such as rejection, vaccinations, cancer risks, and over-the-counter medications.
  • Anti-Rejection Medication: This section outlines all the anti-rejection medications covered by BC Transplant, their use, how to take them, and possible side effects.
  • Anti-Infection Medication: This section outlines common infections transplant recipients, how they can be treated (drugs and their potential side effects), and tips on how to identify an infection. 

For more information, visit transplant.bc.ca/medications

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