Written by Diane Wild, Senior Consultant, Communications and Public Affairs

This week's stories from around the web explore the crucial first days of a child's life, using patient experience surveys for quality improvement, embracing the aging process and the benefits of palliative care.

The first 1,000 days

The Guardian explains how good nutrition, health care and sanitation are crucial to a child’s early development.

Palliative care benefits both patients and families

Writing in The Toronto Star, a physician advocates for integrating palliative care into treatment for advanced or life-threatening illnesses, and not as a last resort. 

Why did Mary die? Dig deep to find causes

A professor at the University of Victoria’s school of public health and social policy explores what's behind the numbers when it comes to death statistics.

Room for improvement on patient surveys

Health Debate discusses the importance of using patient experience feedback to focus improvement efforts.

Feeling Older? Here’s How to Embrace It

The New York Times's Smarter Living column points out that as your age increases, your quality of life does not necessarily have to decrease. 

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