Written by Tiffany Chui, Portfolio Manager, mHealth

We are upgrading wireless networks to enable better guest Wi-Fi access and the use of clinical digital tools across Fraser Health. To date, at least six hospitals have free guest Wi-Fi with more to come.

These days, patients in our hospitals and facilities likely receive more “get well” text messages than cards.

Technology has rapidly changed the way we communicate, work, and consume information.

Today’s connected world of social media and on-demand digital content means that having reliable and effective wireless connectivity is crucial – not only to health care providers but also to our patients, families and guests to ensure we continue to enhance their experience at our sites.

And so we are rapidly upgrading our wireless internet networks across Fraser Health to enable better patient communications, improved employee workflow and access to digital applications.

“I believe that connectivity breeds collaboration, and that collaboration leads to better care,” said Philip Barker, Vice President, Planning, Informatics and Analytics.

Fraser Health has been working hard to advance wireless initiatives. Over the past few years, we have:

  • Enabled free guest Wi-Fi at six hospitals, including Delta, Peace Arch, Langley Memorial, Mission Memorial, Chilliwack General, and Abbotsford Regional Hospitals. The ER and Medical units of Fraser Canyon Hospital have also been enabled, with full service expected by this fall. More sites are planned throughout 2017.
  • Launched Wi-Fi projects across all of Fraser Health’s acute care hospitals to support wireless, real-time drug library updates and quality metrics from large volume infusion pumps.
  • Facilitated Wi-Fi connectivity in conjunction with the Fraser Health AirWatch EMM platform to enable managed mobile devices to connect wirelessly and not require cellular data to access business and clinical applications, such as MEDITECH Mobile Rounds.
  • Rolled out Wi-Fi to support the Integrated Plans of Care initiative currently in progress at Mission Memorial, Fraser Canyon and Chilliwack General Hospitals.

Planning is now under way for the next phase of Wi-Fi roll out at Royal Columbian Hospital and at nearly 70 other non-acute Fraser Health sites, to support public health and primary and community care programs.

“The next phase of this project is installing more clinical-grade Wi-Fi for the dedicated use of our clinicians, physicians and business leaders,” Barker explained. “Our goal is to enable new digital ways of working to usher in the next wave of digital health care.”

If you have questions about current Wi-Fi work or future plans, please contact the Wireless Advisory Group, wirelessadvisorygroup@fraserhealth.ca.

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