Written by Chelsea Greczi, Project Leader, Residential Services

Dr. Charlie Chen was awarded for his work in supporting physicians in residential care to have conversations with residents and families about serious illness.

On September 6, health care providers from around the world came together in Banff to share the latest research and education at the International Society of Advance Care Planning and End of Life Care Conference.

Dr. Charlie Chen, Palliative Care Consultant, presented a quality improvement project to support physicians working in residential care to have earlier conversations with residents and their families about serious illness. He adapted the Serious Illness Conversation Guide[1] for use with Substitute Decision Makers, and in collaboration with Dr. Nick Petropolis and Susan Brown, Clinical Nurse Specialist, trained physicians in the Fraser Northwest Division to use the adapted guide.

Timely conversations about serious illness prepare people to better understand their illness and to express personal values and preferences, which are key ingredients for appropriate goals of care discussions and essential to this approach. In the residential care setting, family members play an important role in these conversations.

The adapted conversation guide ensures these important conversations take place for all individuals, regardless of capability, and results in treatment recommendations that align with the person’s values, wishes, goals, and priorities. The poster presentation documenting this work was awarded best in the category of Research, Theory and Methodology.

Applying a palliative approach to care is described as a person-centered approach that is guided by the understanding that the person is living with a progressive, life-limiting illness trajectory. It is one of the priority goals for the Fraser Health Residential Care and Assisted Living Network Team.

The network team supports quality care for 8,200 residents living in 79 residential care facilities across Fraser Health, and will be working with residential care facilities over the next two years to integrate a palliative approach to care.

View the poster to learn more.

[1 ]Serious Illness Conversation Guide. Ariadne Labs, https://www.ariadnelabs.org/

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