Written by Judi Mussenden, Manager, Clinical Operations, Population and Public Health

We launched a comprehensive School Health web resource this week at Fraserhealth.ca/schoolhealth. Learn how it can help you support your K-12 school-aged patients and clients.

Do your school-aged patients, clients and their families have school health questions?

Our new web resource, fraserhealth.ca/schoolhealth has the answers. This School Health web resource has expert information to make it easier for parents, youth and health care providers to find support and information about health issues that affect children and youth of school age from five to 18. Now, we’re asking you to share it.

This new School Health web resource includes expert advice on:

  • Getting children ready for kindergarten
  • How to support mental wellness in children and youth and deal with mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression
  • Ways to recognize and deal with youth substance use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs
  • How to get help and access support services for children with learning or developmental disorders
  • Treating and preventing communicable diseases among students and the importance of immunizations
  • How to equip schools to deal with youth medical conditions in school such as diabetes, epilepsy, asthma and allergies
  • Advice for promoting healthy living in children and youth, including healthy eating and exercise, dental, eye and hearing care and healthy sleep tips
  • Resources for teaching sexual education and sexual health, including information on youth sexuality, gender identity and safer sex.
  • Resources for teachers and administrators on how to create healthier schools, promote healthier eating and physical activity, address substance use and mental health issues, get help for students in crisis, and more.

To assist your efforts at sharing our School Health web resource, we've developed a variety of materials. We have postersrack cardsbusiness cards and a social media kit with digital graphics you can download for your use. You can print these resources on your printer or make bulk copies free of charge through Print Shop.

We would appreciate if you would display the posters and rack cards in your public health offices and youth clinic waiting rooms, and distribute these and the business cards during interactions with schools or youth organizations.

Our new School Health web resource was developed by a team of Fraser Health experts in consultation with parents, teachers and health care providers.  It can serve as a valuable online reference for patients and clients if they have questions after they leave appointments.

Thanks for your support in helping our patients, clients and families have their healthiest school year yet.

For more information about promoting the School Health web resource, contact Elaine O’Connor at Elaine.o’connor@fraserhealth.ca.

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