Written by Lupin Battersby, Knowledge Translation Specialist, BC SUPPORT Unit Fraser Centre, Department of Evaluation and Research Services

Help the BC SUPPORT Unit shape new training and resources in patient-oriented research and knowledge translation by taking this short survey.

The BC SUPPORT (Support for People and Patient-Oriented Research and Trials) Unit is a multi-partner organization created to support, streamline and increase patient-oriented research throughout BC.

They know that more training and resources are required to further build capacity and increase patient-oriented research and knowledge translation, but before they develop new resources, they want to hear from you. Please take two minutes to help the unit identify patient-oriented research training and resource needs across BC by completing this short survey. See the BC SUPPORT Unit for more information on the survey.

The results of this survey will help the BC SUPPORT Unit and their partners develop patient-oriented research training and resources that meet your needs. A summary of the results will be posted on the BC SUPPORT Unit website in late 2017.

The BC SUPPORT Unit provides the following learning services:

See the BC SUPPORT Unit Fraser Centre for more information on the services and supports available to Fraser Health.

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