Abbotsford Regional Hospital Integrated Plan of Care Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Pediatric, Maternity and Emergency
Written by Heather Boersma, Project Director, Integrated Plan of Care

Nursing and allied health documentation for ARH patients will be completed in MEDITECH.

Electronic documentation is now available for nursing and allied health staff in the Abbotsford Regional Hospital (ARH) Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Pediatric, Maternity and Emergency care areas.

As of April 24, nursing and allied health clinical documentation for ARH inpatients and emergency outpatients will be completed in MEDITECH; all sites who receive patients from ARH will need to review Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to view nursing and allied health documentation.

What does this mean for Fraser Health sites who receive patients from ARH?

  • Fraser Health staff will view MEDITECH® PCS documentation in the EMR.
  • Fraser Health sites receiving patient transfers from ARH will be able to view the electronic health record prior to arrival.

Where can regional EMR viewers access information about how to locate and view clinical data in EMR?

EMR Viewer resources will be posted on FH Pulse under Integrated Plan of Care > PCS EMR Viewer

EMR Viewer resources will include:

  • A media presentation (PowerPoint presentation or video)
  • How to Guide: Viewing PCS/EDM Information in EMR          

Who to contact?


  • Contact the transferring unit, if further support required please call service desk; press 5 to contact the IPoC Command Centre during the go-live.

Project questions:

The Integrated Plan of Care (IPoC) Project supports an approach to inpatient care that allows nursing and allied health staff to integrate care standards into their day to day work using the MEDITECH Patient Care System (PCS) and Emergency Department Manager (EDM), while enhancing inter-professional collaboration.

This is the second phase of work that follows the successful implementation of PCS at Abbotsford Regional Hospital (ARH) for adult inpatients in November 2016.

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