Deanna Tan, Public Health Dietitian
Written by Elaine O'Connor, Senior Communications Consultant, Communications and Public Affairs

Meet Public Health Dietitian Deanna Tan who talks about advocacy, working on the ground level and how results are a long-term game in her line of work.

Meet Deanna Tan, Public Health Dietitian.

“I joined Fraser health in 2000 as a licensing dietitian. Now I’m working as a public health dietitian doing upstream prevention. In this job, there’s no instant gratification. It takes a long time to see results because in prevention, the outcome is [that] nothing happens! It’s hard to measure wellness.

In the New Westminster School District, we’ve been working with the board on a “No child is hungry and every child eats healthy” motion to improve school meals and teach students food literacy. Canada is the only G8 [Group of Eight] nation without a national school meal program. So we’re doing advocacy, working on the ground level. I hope to see results in five years – that’s instant gratification here.

I live in New West with my husband and children in a 100-year-old house we’re restoring ourselves. We hunt antique fairs and scrape layers of paint; it’s a labour of love. And we travel a lot. We just finished our 25th house exchange. We spent a month in Brazil and we’ve been to Spain, France, Sweden, Australia, Poland, for just the cost of tickets. The world’s a better place when people travel and see the world isn’t so different; it’s just a matter of what you know.”

- Deanna Tan, Public Health Dietitian, Burnaby, New Westminster and Delta

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