Dr. Sonia Singh, Regional Medical Director, Research and Evaluation
Written by Elaine O’Connor, Senior Consultant, Communications and Public Affairs

Meet Dr. Sonia Singh, the regional medical director for research and evaluation, who says her childhood love of science and space flight launched her passion for health care research.

Meet Dr. Sonia Singh, Regional Medical Director, Research and Evaluation.

“In elementary school I wanted to be an astronaut or Jacques Cousteau, until I realized I got terrible motion sickness. I started reading LIFE science books and got fascinated with the body. If I hadn’t gone to medical school I may have tried science research like my father.

I’ve worked as a hospitalist physician, osteoporosis specialist and Medical Director for Research. It’s been exciting to include patient partners and help shape BC’s Strategy for Patient Oriented Research. Research is all about patients and improving their health; they’re the experts.

I want to help people live well as they age. My new project is improving the patient journey after spinal fractures. I was frustrated with the lack of evidence on how to help patients recover and prevent further fractures. Osteoporosis isn’t as high profile as heart disease or cancer, but the impact on people’s lives can be just as devastating.

My stress relief is exercise: yoga, snowshoeing, hiking with my husband and 21-year-old twins. I like mystery novels and music – I have a grand piano. I love trip planning and have been to Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia, where I scuba-dived the Great Barrier Reef. Next are the Galapagos Islands and South Africa!”

- Dr. Sonia Singh, Regional Medical Director, Research and Evaluation, Peace Arch Hospital

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