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Eighty emergency staff across our 12 hospitals participated in an intensive boot camp to tackle the present issues faced in their local Emergency Departments. Learn more about their results.

Have you ever been inspired to join a local fitness boot camp to improve your health? Now imagine a boot camp for your mind - a workshop focused on giving you the basic tools to drive the quality improvements you feel you need at your local Emergency Department to improve access, care and patient experience.

This is exactly what 80 participants representing the 12 emergency sites did when they attended the first ever Emergency Department QI Boot Camp, aimed to tackle the real and present issues faced by teams in local Emergency Departments. Participants were equipped with a few basic tools to support them to: identify their problem, implement and monitor their ideas, inspire practice changes, and sustain their benefits

The goals of the boot camp were to:

  1. Introduce the Emergency Department Model of Care
  2. Develop a common language around quality improvement
  3. Share commonly used quality improvement and change management tools and methodologies

The feedback and enthusiasm was unanimous. Participants walked away with practical applications to try at their sites. Here are some great examples of work underway:

  • Eagle Ridge Hospital’s Emergency Quality Improvement Team completed their first test or Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle in changing the licensed practical nurse role at triage to an early assessment nurse for zone 2 (ambulatory patient areas). Using the quality improvement tools from the boot camp, they redesigned staff roles to improve access for ambulatory patients presenting to emergency.
  • Langley Memorial’s Quality Improvement Team created an early assessment, treatment and care area which improved time to physician and emergency department length of stay for ambulatory patients.

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We are offering a second boot camp for Emergency staff on September 24, 2018. Register online.


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