Table of 8 lucky and healthy foods to eat during Chinese New Year
Written by Susan Seto and Joyce K.Y. Wong, Registered Dietitian, Public Health

Celebrate Chinese New Year with eight foods that symbolize luck, prosperity and good health.

Chinese New Year is one of the most celebrated Asian holidays filled with rich traditions centered on family gatherings. A common theme of this holiday is the importance of coming together with friends and family with hopes of health and prosperity for the new year. These gatherings are often marked with preparing, gifting and eating delicious dishes that have their own special and symbolic meaning to each family.

Here are eight foods that symbolize luck, prosperity and good health:

  1. Fish is one of the most important dishes during Chinese New Year, signifying a good start and a good end for the coming year. Steaming with ginger, parsley and green onion is a delicious way to prepare.
  2. Chinese broccoli, also known as gai lan, signifies a long life for your parents. These long leafy greens taste great steamed with a light drizzle of oil.
  3. Lettuce wraps represent wealth and rising fortune. Add lucky toppings such as chicken and fish to your lettuce wraps.
  4. Noodles symbolize longevity. There are a variety of types to choose, from whole wheat noodles to rice noodles.
  5. Dumplings are a symbol of prosperity. These are delicious steamed or boiled with vegetable or meat filling.
  6. Chicken represents wholeness and togetherness of the family. Go with the healthy option of steaming or baking your chicken.
  7. Pomelo signifies prosperity and status. This big citrus fruit is rich with vitamin C and has many health benefits.
  8. Tangerines and oranges symbolize wealth and luck. They also make great snacks.

Most importantly, spending time with family and friends is the best and luckiest way to usher in the Chinese New Year.

Enjoy celebrating with your loved ones and Happy Chinese New Year!

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