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Written by Catherine Oversby, Lead, Recognition, Employee Experience

'Uplifting’, ‘humbling’, and ‘deeply touched’ – these are just some of the words used by last year’s Above & Beyond Award winners to describe how it felt to be nominated for their awards.

Nominations for the Above & Beyond Awards are open until March 31. This is your opportunity to feel good by recognizing someone else, while also helping them get the recognition they deserve for their amazing work.

Just the act of taking the time to nominate someone can make them feel like a winner.

We caught up with some of last year’s winners – Mits Miyata, Manager, Pharmacy ServicesDr. Hilary Rowe, Clinical Pharmacy SpecialistErin Gibson, Harm Reduction Coordinator; and Elspeth Humphreys, Clinical Coordinator (member of the Fraser Health Eating Disorders Program Team) – to find out firsthand how it felt to be nominated and to win an award. Here’s what they had to say:

What was it like to know someone had taken the time to nominate you?

Mits: I was very humbled. Having participated in this process previously (as a co-nominator for a colleague), I am fully aware of the time, effort, research, and thoughtfulness that goes into the completion of a nomination. Knowing that someone else went through this process on my behalf is indeed humbling.

Hilary: The nomination itself felt like a significant acknowledgement of my work; when I found out that my colleagues had taken time out of their busy day to write my nomination, it highlighted how much my colleagues appreciated my work and our collaborations.

Erin: This [the nomination] was a really amazing part. I have so much respect for all the amazing work my coworkers do, that on top of their busy schedules they took time to write a very thoughtful and kind nomination, was very touching. I’m honoured to work with them.

How did it feel to win an Above & Beyond award last year?

Mits: It was very uplifting. At first I could not believe that I was nominated. Then I felt a bit sheepish because there were probably dozens of others who have done as much, or more, to try to improve the delivery and environment of health care and the role of pharmacists within health care. Then there was a period of reflection where I thought about what I wanted to see accomplished early in my career and what has actually been accomplished late in my career. But most of all, I felt appreciation for my colleagues who, unbeknownst to me, invested the time and effort to complete a nomination.

Elspeth: It felt absolutely amazing to win the award last year. I was deeply touched and honoured that the work we do was recognized. I am absolutely passionate about what I do and it’s really encouraging that all of our hard work was noticed! I have the best team in the world and am inspired by them each day. I really believe that recognition whether big or small keeps our spirits up and allows us to give our best to the clients and families we serve.

Hilary: It is difficult to describe…I felt so honoured and proud to have my own colleagues, unit and health authority acknowledge my commitment and work to improve medication safety in the perinatal population.

Erin: It felt a little awkward to be singled out. However, it felt amazing because I felt Fraser Health really acknowledged the great work people across our region are doing in this area. I felt the recognition really helped to legitimize and formalize harm reduction as part of an integral part of health care, really celebrating how far we have come in the last few years.

Ready to nominate?

Here’s how in three simple steps:

  1. Read the Awards and Recognition page for an overview of how the awards work. 
  2. Collect the nominee’s information including the correct name, job title and department and any additional testimonials (from their manager, peers or colleagues), as well as examples, statistics or data, to support your nomination.
  3. Decide which award category best suits your nominee, then write your nomination using this Word document and paste it into the online submission form before March 31.

For more information and resources, visit the FH Pulse Above and Beyond Awards page or contact Catherine Oversby, Lead Recognition, Employee Experience at 604-517-8632.

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