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Written by Catherine Oversby, Lead, Recognition, Employee Experience

Help your coworkers get the recognition they deserve. Nominate by March 31.

You work with incredible people every day. Don’t let their work go unnoticed – nominate them for an Above and Beyond award before March 31.

How do I know if I should nominate someone?

Do you work with someone like Dr. Merchant or Erin Gibson, who pioneered changes to improve the way we care for our patients? Or how about people like Bryce WalkerDr. Hilary Rowe or Margaret Clarke, who embody service delivery excellence?

Maybe you’ve witnessed someone reinvent quality improvement, like Dr. Hwang did, or perhaps you work with a dedicated leader, like Mits Miyata, who has been a catalyst of positive change over the course of their long-time career with Fraser Health.

Can you think of a group such as the Right Care Right Place project team or the Pediatric Diabetes Transition team who collaborated to create widespread benefits, or the Eating Disorders Program team who increased rates of patient recovery through new family therapy practices?

If this sounds like anyone you know, it’s time to start the nomination process.

Here’s how in three simple steps:

  1. Read the Awards and Recognition page for an overview of how the awards work. 
  2. Collect the nominee’s information including the correct name, job title and department and any additional testimonials (from their manager, peers or colleagues), as well as examples, statistics or data, to support your nomination.
  3. Decide which award category (listed on this page) best suits your nominee, then write your nomination using this Word document and paste it into the online submission form before March 31.

For more information and resources visit the FH Pulse Above and Beyond Awards page or contact Catherine Oversby, Lead Recognition, Employee Experience at 604-517-8632.

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