Casual Timesheet HR
Written by Barbara Steele, Client Partner, People Strategies

If you're a casual employee, please review the casual minimum hours worked requirement.

Since 2013, all casual employees covered by the Facilities Collective Agreement (FBA), Community Collective Agreement (CBA) and Nurses Provincial Collective Agreement (NBA) have been required to work 225 hours in a 12 month period as per the language in their respective collective agreements. For casual employees under the NBA, the minimum worked hours requirement in a 12 month period increased to 300 hours in 2017. Please note, as of 2018 the minimum hours worked requirement for all casuals covered under the NBA increased to 400 hours.

As per the Collective Agreement language, all affected casual employees trending towards not meeting the minimum 225/300 hours requirement in the 12 month period receive a notification letter at the six month mark (half way through the 12 month period).

After the end of the 12 month period, casual employees will receive a letter if they have not worked the minimum 225 hours required and will have 30 days to respond with a bona fide reason. If a bona fide reason is not provided within 30 days of receipt of the letter then the casual employee will be removed from the casual registry and is terminated from Fraser Health.

The 12 month period for 2017 ended December 31 2017: casual employees who did not work the minimum required hours in 2017 will be receiving letters as per above.

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