Bags and containers with biohazard symbols disposed as biomedical waste
Written by Sonja Janousek, Sustainability Coordinator, Lower Mainland Facilities Management / Energy and Environmental Sustainability

Yes, even if they’re empty, damaged or unused.

Where should I dispose bags and containers with biohazard symbols as biomedical waste?

Put all empty, damaged and unused containers and bags with a biohazard symbol in biomedical waste. Don’t dispose of in garbage or recycling.

Why is it important? 

Workers at the garbage waste transfer stations and landfills will stop operations and treat as biomedical waste. Even when clean, empty, damaged or unused, bags and containers with hazard symbols cause concern for those handling the waste.

Hospitals could be fined or banned from the garbage disposal facilities for sending these materials.

What else can I do? 

  • Only use biomedical waste bags and containers for their intended purpose.
  • Report or fix any errors you see – it’s a team effort.
  • Go to Learning Hub and do the Waste Management Basics Learning Module.
  • Book a waste training in-service with Teri Guimond.

If you have any further questions, contact your unit manager or Teri Guimond at

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