Linda Bevans, Housekeeper, Langley Memorial Hospital
Written by Elaine O'Connor and Megan White, Senior Consultants, Communications and Public Affairs

Meet Linda Bevans, who says that after her son's traumatic brain injury she saw both sides of Fraser Health.

Meet Linda Bevans, Housekeeper, Langley Memorial Hospital.

“I worked in early childhood education and ran a daycare until I had my three kids. With my middle son, I was at Langley Memorial a lot for stitches or rocks up his nose; he was trouble. I thought it’d be interesting to work in a hospital so I applied for a housekeeping job. I’ve been here 10 years, mostly on 3 South, which has a lot of elderly patients. I love listening to their stories. I have a knack with them, just like with kids. I had an aggressive patient, but I knew he was bored, so I gave him my duster and he’d follow me.

In 2016 my son lost control of his truck and went under a trailer. He was pronounced dead, but they found a heartbeat. He was 21. He had a traumatic brain injury and was in a coma at Royal Columbian for six weeks before he opened his eyes. They transferred him to Langley, eventually to 4 South, just above my floor. I’ve seen both sides of Fraser Health: the medical and care side. You think your child will get better; that they’ll walk and talk again. Now he’s in a care home: it’s tough. You’ve got to give it all you can. You’ve got to give it every shot.”

 – Linda Bevans, Housekeeper, Langley Memorial Hospital

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