Fraser Health Corporate Identity and Brand Standards manual
Written by Larisa Saunders, Director, Communications and Public Affairs

The revised Corporate Identity and Brand Standards materials provide more clarity and support for a more unified Fraser Health brand.

We’ve updated our Corporate Identity and Brand Standards manual to reflect feedback from across the organization. Specifically, we’ve made instructions more clear, created new supporting online and print resources and designed the manual itself to better reflect the visual brand of Fraser Health. And yes, we changed the corporate font to Arial.

Maintaining a unified corporate identity is an important part of maintaining the trust both our internal teams and our patients and their families feel about us as a high-quality, person-centred and engaged health care organization. We are all in this together and so we should look, sound and feel like we are all part of the same unified team. This helps us build and maintain our reputation and allows people to better understand how the different care experiences they have with Fraser Health are all connected under our vision of better health, best in health care.

The logo. The font. The colours. Our values and vision. The words we use. The way we talk about our organization. Even the way we spell things (i.e. health care is two words, just like in our vision). All these things and more make up our Fraser Health corporate identity – how together we collectively represent the greater organizational whole, and how our patients, community members and general public perceive us.

Read the revised manual on our FH Pulse page. You can also visit our new brand section of our website for information and resources (like one-page quick guides and videos). A new brand policy outlines roles and responsibilities of leaders, employees and the Communications and Public Affairs department in managing our brand and corporate identity together.

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