Written by Sheile Mercado-Mallari, Violence Prevention Program Lead, Workplace Health

Find out how to make sure your violence prevention training proof of completion is showing up and get information about the new refresher training program.

What to do if your Violence Prevention Training is not appearing on your manager's report 

The most accurate source of training completion is on your manager's Violence Prevention Training report.

A "Pending" result in the Learning Hub only confirms you were registered for the training session and cannot be updated.

If your online training does not appear as "Completed" on your manager's report, it may be that you have multiple accounts and profiles in the Learning Hub. This means you may have done some training under a student profile or under a Hotmail account or other email or profile. You must have a verified Fraser Health account with all of your training merged to this account to ensure training completed under different profiles shows up on Fraser Health reports.

If you have multiple accounts and need to merge your training, submit a Learn Support ticket and provide the following:

  • Employee ID and Fraser Health email address
  • Email address for each Learning Hub account
  • Current employment status
  • Clarification on which email address to keep (for account merge/link) and any profiles that are no longer valid and need to be removed

Register now Violence Prevention Refresher Training

Annual Violence Prevention Refresher Training is required for staff working in the "High+ATR' and 'High' Risk Level categories only. Any employee who fully completed their required training by December 31, 2017 will be required to complete the applicable refresher by December 31, 2018 and annually thereafter.

Refresher Training sessions are now available on the Learning Hub. Register soon as sessions fill up quickly. For information about the requirements and which level of refresher training you need, go to FH Pulse.

Workplace Health Monthly Incident Profile

In December, there were 315 incidents reported to the Call Centre, with 57 of those incidents resulting in time loss.

Top five incidents:

#1 Patient handling (20 per cent or 62 incidents, 35 per cent or 20 claims with days lost)
#2 Violence (17 per cent or 54 incidents, 12 per cent or 7 claims with days lost)
#3 Slips, trips (17 per cent or 52 incidents, 19 per cent or 11 claims with days lost)
#4 Material handling (11 per cent or 34 incidents, 23 per centor 13 claims with days lost)
#5 Blood and body fluid exposures or needlesticks (10 per cent or 33 incidents, 0 claims with days lost)

Please email safety@fraserhealth.ca if you have any questions about your reports or training.

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