Pair of hands-Workplace Health gives a hand up to staff battling chapped hands
Written by Monica Herrera, Client Partner (Clinical Guide), Workplace Health

Hand washing, use of gloves, hand sanitizers and other environmental issues like weather all impact the skin on our hands. Workplace Health comes to the rescue with quick tips for softer, smoother, happier hands.

If you work in health care, you know all about handwashing. And washing. And washing.

But the side effect to diligently following our handwashing protocols, and doing your utmost to protect our patients from infection, is that sometimes our hands can become dry and scaly or chapped, red and sore.

If you are worried about the condition of your hands, we have several ways to help.

Check out Workplace Health's resources on the best way to protect your hands:

  1. FHPulse page with information on how to improve the condition of your hands. 
  2. A video-based course in the Learning Hub to increase your understanding of the causes and a treatment plan for dry skin. 
  3. An email to connect with Workplace Health specialists to get one-on-one help if the recommendations in the previous resources were not sufficient. 

Here's to happy, healthy hands, as well as happy, healthy patients.

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