Tims Farewell Team pic - Patient shines a light on hospice care
Written by Jayne Godfrey, Patient Care Coordinator, Christine Morrison Hospice

In health care we have the unique privilege of meeting and interacting with many wonderful people. Tim Roxburgh is one of those people.

Langley resident Tim Roxburgh was admitted to the Christine Morrison Hospice at Mission Memorial Hospital in May 2017 with a terminal illness and a prognosis of weeks left to live. However, Tim had one very important goal to reach. He wanted to live long enough to walk his daughter down the aisle.

With the person-centred holistic care provided by the Christine Morrison Hospice team, not only did Tim walk his daughter down the aisle, but he also walked out of hospice and returned home to celebrate Christmas with his family six months after admission.

Tim attributes his improvement to the "amazing supportive culture at hospice." But it didn't stop there. Tim was on a personal crusade and wanted to make a difference in hospice by giving back. So in partnership with the Christine Morrison Hospice team and Mission Hospice Society, Tim implemented regular ' ice cream float Fridays,' 'pot luck Sunday suppers,' and 'high teas,' bringing patients and families and the hospice team together.

The Christine Morrison Hospice team and Mission Hospice Society has ensured that Tim's legacy will continue. Tim returns for each of these events and with these small acts of kindness Tim has taught humility, kindness and selflessness and is helping to make life for hospice patients and families a little easier.

Read more of Tim's story in CBC News.

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