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Written by Cathryn Smith, Program Leader, Workplace Health

Fraser Health's Employee Assistance Program can help you make a healthy lifestyle change.

Generally, this is the time of year when many of us resolve to make a change. The gyms seem busier, but within a month or two, turnout tends to revert back to pre-New Year levels. Resolutions work for some, but many quickly go by the wayside, particularly if they are vague or unrealistic.

Here is some advice from Workplace Health to help you achieve your goals in 2018.

Think it through

Take some time to ground yourself, determine what is important in your life and think about why you want to make the change. Is your resolution based on what someone else (or society) is telling you or is it coming from a place of self-care? What supports and systems do you need in place to be successful? Maybe you need to create space in your schedule for exercise or maybe your new behaviour requires you to change the way you think.


When you’re ready to create your plan, use the S.M.A.R.T. goals framework:

  • Specific (Be clear.)
  • Measurable (What does success look like? Track your progress.)
  • Achievable (Be realistic and break your goal down into phases.)
  • Relevant (This matters to you.)
  • Time (Make your goal time-bound, but give yourself enough time and focus on small wins.)

Get support

Even if you make SMART goals, following through can still be a challenge. Enlisting support from friends or a coach can be helpful.

As a Fraser Health employee (casuals included) you also have access to health coaching support through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Health coaching is a confidential service provided by a registered nurse through telephone consultations of up to one hour in length over one to four sessions.

Topics can include common illnesses, chronic pain, blood pressure, diabetes or cholesterol management, pre- and post-natal health, and much more.

For some motivation, check out this video by Dr. Mike Evans. Then call 1-844-880-9142 when you’re ready to get started.

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