Hidden Epidemic-The Opioid Overdose Emergency in Fraser Health
Written by Dr. Victoria Lee, Vice President, Population Health and Chief Medical Health Officer

Our Chief Medical Health Officer’s Annual Report looks at the who, what and where of the opioid overdose emergency in the region, and how we can respond to and prevent this hidden epidemic and save lives.

When the opioid overdose public health emergency was declared in 2016, most people thought the crisis did not, and would not, affect them personally.

What we have learned is that overdose is closer than you think.

This year's Chief Medical Health Officer’s Report focuses on the opioid overdose emergency in our region and aims to shed light on this hidden epidemic. By better understanding the factors leading to problematic substance use and those at risk of overdose, we can both respond to and prevent overdoses to save lives.

I want to thank all our frontline staff, leaders and partners who have worked tirelessly to mitigate the impacts of the opioid overdose crisis in our region.

Read the full report here.

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