Screenshot of new Fraser Health website.
Written by Lisa Thibault, Senior Consultant, Digital and Corporate Communications

The new, and improved, and are now live!

This week we launched the latest version of the Fraser Health website with a brand new look, features and tools. As part of our ongoing efforts to improve and simplify our web content, we have combined and into a single site. We have also updated the employee news site, 

The previous website, built in 2007, was more than 10 years old and reflected outdated content, design and technology. Our new platform, developed after more than 18 months of research, consultation, design and development, will allow us to use web technologies and content to better support our business priorities and create better online experiences for our patients, clients, families and employees.

The new site has several improvements to support a better audience experience and connect them with content. These include:

  • Enhanced search with predictive text and localized extended search capabilities for some sections (A-Z health information and services and locations directory).
  • Mobile first design to ensure an optimized experience for viewers independent of the device they are using (computer, smartphone, tablet).
  • Targeted and task-oriented content that meets the needs of specific user groups (e.g. day care operators, employees, students) and clear calls-to-action from many areas.
  • Improved services and locations directory which includes expanded content, multimedia (video, photo galleries), supporting content such as brochures and referral forms, clear calls-to-action and improved integration with other sections of the website.
  • has been integrated with the main website allowing us to connect editorial and blog content with services and health information content.
  • Locations connect to live Google maps, allowing visitors to easily access travel directions (via car, bus, bike or walking).
  • Online payment (with credit card, Visa debit card or Interac online) for common Fraser Health invoices.
  • New and expanded content areas including an improved seniors' portal, expanded employees information and a new heart health section. 
  • Which browsers work best with the new website?

    The new website is best viewed using Chrome 44 and 43Edge 13Firefox 40 and 39Internet Explorer 11 and Safari 8 and 7.

    We have made efforts to ensure that the site works in the browsers currently in use at Fraser Health but you may encounter minor issues with display. These issues are particularly noticeable when you view the site through VPN.

    A pop-up on the new website lets our viewers know which browsers are most compatible.

  • Help! What do I do if I can't find my content or my links are broken?

    There are several reasons why you might not be able to find your content on the new site:

    • Shortcuts and bookmarks may no longer work because their web address (URL) has changed.
    • Content is in a new section of the site.
    • Content is combined with other, similar content on the new site.
    • Content was removed because it was outdated or no longer valid.

    We have taken the following actions to reduce the amount of broken links:

    • Re-established existing shortened URLs (e.g. which will work as normal.
    • Created redirects to some of the most frequently accessed content on our new site.

    If you have trouble finding your content, please contact us and we will help you locate it.

  • Where are the photos?

    Changes to our site templates have reduced the number of photos across the site. We did this for a number of reasons:

    • To reduce images which were pushing content down
    • To improve the mobile experience for viewers accessing from devices with smaller screens
    • To reduce our reliance on stock photography, and
    • To meet the visual guidelines in our corporate identity and brand standards

    We will continue to work with our content experts to add visual elements, when appropriate, that best supports their content strategy.

  • My content is out-of-date or incorrect on the website, what can I do?

    If your content is out-of-date, incorrect or missing information, please contact Communications and Public Affairs.

  • Why does Google search send me to our old website?

    It can take two to three weeks after a new website launches for Google and other search engines (Bing / Yahoo) to re-index the new website and produce accurate search results. After launch Google search results may refer back to our old website for a short time.


If you have any additional questions regarding the new website, need help finding content or fixing broken links or your would like to add some content to the website, please contact the digital communications team at

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