Written by Andrea Leung, Registered Nurse, Health Informatics and Clinical Solutions

Paris Fundamentals provides write access to all Paris users who need to document in the system. There is now an online curriculum available on the LearningHub.

As of July 9, 2018 Paris Fundamentals computer-based training will be offered as a curriculum for Paris theory. Each curriculum will be specific to your role:

  • FH Paris – Online Training – Write Access (clerks)
  • FH Paris – Online Training – Write Access (clinicians/practicum placement students)
  • FH Paris – Online Training – Write Access (health care workers) 
  • FH Paris – Online Training – Write Access (student clinicians) - exempt from taking skills assessment

Once a curriculum has been completed, a hands-on skills assessment must be successfully completed in order to gain write-access. This two-hour skills assessment will be offered via Skype or in class and is also available on LearningHub as 

  • FH Paris – Skills Assessment

FH Paris - Fundamentals Classroom (8 hour) will still be offered for staff who prefer instructor-led training for their learning needs. This session will only run once per month, with a generic (non-program specific) focus. The first generic classroom course will be offered July 17, 2018.

After July 11, 2018 all program specific (MHSU/HCC/PPH) Paris Fundamentals Classes will no longer be available and new courses (as above) will be added to coincide with the rollout of the computer-based training.

Questions? Email paris@fraserhealth.ca

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