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Written by Nitin Khare, Executive Director, Internal Audit Services, Fraser Health Whistleblower Committee

Financial, legal and ethical responsibility is very important to us.

If an employee, contractor, volunteer, patient or member of the public has knowledge about someone using Fraser Health resources inappropriately, illegally or unethically, we want to know. That’s why we’ve updated our Whistleblower Protection Policy. Learn how to use it effectively – and what not to do.

When do you blow the whistle?

When you find hair in your food? Have a patient care complaint? Hear a neighbour’s dog barking?*

Actually, the answer is none of the above.  

Fraser Health’s Whistleblower Hotline isn’t meant to receive any of those complaints. The purpose of the Whistleblower Protection Policy is to provide a simple way to report allegations of legal, ethical or financial wrongdoing, misuse or waste of Fraser Health resources, real or perceived conflicts of interest or actions which could put employees, patients or the community in substantial danger. 

The Whistleblower Hotline is a third-party independent service that provides anonymity to any whistleblowers who bring forward information in good faith about an allegation of legal, unethical or financial wrongdoing. This intake is provided by an outside agency to allow for confidentiality and anonymity. Complaints are then sent to the Whistleblower team for review, also in confidence and anonymously. This team includes Internal Audit Services, legal counsel, the Patient Care Quality Office and a human resources representative.

All whistleblowers acting in good faith, whether they are employees, contractors, volunteers, patients or members of the public, are protected from any retaliation or fear of reprisal as a result of their reporting.

We recently revised our policy and want to remind everyone that you can use this channel to bring forward relevant information about the issues outlined above at any time. Simply call toll free at 1-855-656-2132 to make a complaint or email your concerns to whistleblower@theneutralzone.ca or fax documents to 604-656-2139.

Please keep in mind that there are several other mechanisms for resolving complaints before calling the Whistleblower Hotline. For workplace issues, report to your supervisor or email respect@fraserhealth.ca, for privacy breaches contact privacy@fraserhealth.ca, and for patient complaints contact the Patient Care Quality Office at pcqoffice@fraserhealth.ca

So when should you blow the whistle? Valid reasons for calling the Whistleblower Hotline include:

  • Witnessing an employee stealing medication, medical supplies or from patients
  • Possessing details about a manager breaking safety laws governing operations
  • Having concern an employee overseeing contracts may have relatives who are vendors
  • Having information about overbilling or inappropriate purchases with department budgets
  • Supplying evidence a contractor sold Fraser Health devices for personal gain

To learn more, read the updated Whistleblower Protection Policy. To familiarize yourself with our process, please visit the Internal Audit Services FH Pulse Whistleblower Protection Policy page and refer to the FAQ for more information. If you have questions about the policy or how the Whistleblower Hotline works, please contact Nitin Khare at nitin.khare@fraserhealth.ca

*Note: For restaurant complaints call your health protection office, for patient care complaints call the Patient Care Quality Office, for noise complaints call your municipal bylaw office.



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