Written by Carol Doutaz, Manager, Payroll Services

Log into myFHinfo to access your T4s.

In the past, Fraser Health mailed out all annual tax forms by the last day of February each calendar year. This year, all active employees can now access their T4s for the last three years through myFHinfo.

Accessing the myFHinfo system

Employees can log into the system using their network ID and password. Once you have logged into myFHinfo you will select “View / Change My Information” from the My Information box as shown below. From there you will select “T4’s”.


You will then see your T4s for the last three calendar years. From here you will be provided with a list similar to what is shown below:

View T4s

For those of you who receive more than one T4 you may see up to two Types (Qualified and Non-Qualified) listed under your employee profile as shown below:


Please note: The Qualified / Non-Qualified type are associated to the employer portion of Employment Insurance premiums and has no relation to your personal tax return.

To download or print the T4 for the applicable year, select “View” under the Action title bar for the applicable T4 year. You will be asked if you wish to "Save with Password" or "Save without Password" as shown below:


It is recommended that you select “Save with Password” to ensure that no one else can access your annual tax forms if you are sharing a computer. To "Save with Password," you are prompted to enter in a password and confirm the password as shown below:

T4 Password

Password must be a minimum of six characters to a maximum of 32 characters and is case sensitive. This will then create a PDF of your T4. When you open the PDF form, you will be asked to input your password to view and print the T4.

Have more than one T4?

Most employees only have one employee file now; however, if you have (or had in 2016 or prior years) more than one employee number in Meditech, you will receive more than one T4. As well, if you only have one active employee file and have worked both as a casual and a permanent employee in the 2016 T4 year, you will receive more than one T4.

Don't have a home computer?

Access the myFHinfo system by using a computer in one of the Fraser Health libraries.

Learn more

Visit FH Pulse to find more information and FAQs on T4s.

View a list of contacts on common questions about your pay and personal information listed in myFHinfo.

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