A group of Fraser Health clinicians and researchers South Asian Health Research Collaborative
Written by Lupin Battersby, Knowledge Translation Specialist, BC SUPPORT Unit Fraser Centre, Department of Evaluation and Research Services

Encourage your clients to get involved with the South Asian Research Collaborative to help address the health evidence needs of the community.

We serve a diverse population of more than 1.7 million people, of which over 240,000 are South Asian community members. Given the continued growth of the South Asian population it is important that their perspectives and input is better represented in health research. A group of Fraser Health clinicians and researchers are working together to address this need through the South Asian Health Research Collaborative.  Together they are developing projects to identify priorities and gaps in health research that are important to the South Asian community.

Do you know patients or caregivers in your practice who:

  • Are experienced with the health care system as a patient or an informal caregiver
  • Belong to the South Asian community
  • Feel comfortable sharing experiences and opinions, and participating in discussions
  • Have an interest or experience in health research

If yes, please share this opportunity to volunteer as a patient partner on the steering committee of the South Asian Health Research Collaborative. Their efforts may help to shape and define priorities with this team. And be sure to stay tuned for opportunities to tell the collaborative about your priorities.

For more information and details, email rableen.nagra@fraserhealth.ca.

The South Asian Research Collaborative is supported by the Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation.

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