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Written by Communications and Public Affairs

This week's high fives go to our amazing people at Abbotsford Regional and Royal Columbian Hospitals.

For Royal Columbian Hospital

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For Abbotsford Regional Hospital

My daughter was brought into Abbotsford Regional Hospital Emergency. We had to take her for a chest x-ray and our porter to and from was great. Her name was Beanti. My daughter is 15 months old and was a little traumatized after her x-ray and Beanti took the time to get her a children's wheel chair and take my daughter for a little ride back to her room. It definitely brought a smile to her face and to ours.
I appreciate the little things that make a big difference on a crappy day.

My husband and I were at Abbotsford Regional Hospital with our 15 month old daughter, she had pneumonia. She was admitted to the [pediatric unit] for 24 hours. I wanted to write a thank you to our nurses up there. They really understand how to be around children who are sick and who are scared. Our first nurse Lonnie was amazing. I really wanted to recognize her and thank her for making our first experience more enjoyable and taking the time to answer our questions in detail. They had a great set up, all the toys she could need, movies to watch, milk to drink.

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