Rosie Lal, Licensed Practical Nurse, Emergency Department, Royal Columbian Hospital
Written by Megan White, Senior Communications Consultant, Communications and Public Affairs

Meet Licensed Practical Nurse Rosie Lal, who talks about life-changing moments in the Emergency Department and why sharing smiles with her patients is so important to her.

Meet Rosie Lal, Licensed Practical Nurse, Emergency Department, Royal Columbian Hospital.

“I grew up in Fiji among a large extended family and experienced so much love, respect and support. I learned to look after my elders and people in need, so health care came naturally to me.

Life-changing moments happen every day in the Emergency Department. I’ve formed strong bonds with my co-workers and given the choice I would always work here. But, there are highs and lows. Two years ago, a pregnant patient lost her baby after being in a car accident. It shook my heart. I stood with her; she reached out to me for a hug. I will never forget that.

I lost my mother when I was 26 and she was 45. I have a strong exterior, but I still cry sometimes when I think of her. I didn’t get to say goodbye or exchange that last smile, so it’s important for me to share smiles with my patients. In fact, the best advice I’ve ever received is to keep smiling. I’ve learned you cannot dwell on the past; you have to keep moving forward.

Cooking and sharing meals with family, the fresh air and beauty of gardening, time spent with friends and co-workers – these are things that bring me natural joy.”

- Rosie Lal, Licensed Practical Nurse, Emergency Department, Royal Columbian Hospital

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