Erica Thompson
Written by Megan White, Senior Communications Consultant, Communications and Public Affairs

Meet Erica Thomson, a Peer Coordinator for Harm Reduction Program, who says a person's worth should not be based on the substances they put in their body, and that society needs to hold space for everybody.

Meet Erica Thomson, Peer Coordinator, Harm Reduction Program.

"I worked at a centre for street-involved women run by women, like me, with lived experience. It wasn’t about ‘fixing’ someone. We were there to find out what they needed that moment: something to eat, getting away from an abuser or writing a letter to kids they hadn’t spoken to in 10 years.

I came here because I wanted to do advocacy on a higher level. We’re working on long-term strategies; meanwhile I can’t stop thinking about people we’re losing. Four people will die today. We need to change, fast. We’re talking social reform; changing values, beliefs and social norms.

A person’s worth isn’t based on the substances they put in their body, and it doesn’t help when we push them away. Society has a discourse of disposal for the most marginalized, but we need to hold space for everybody.

I’m competitive in the sports arena. I do triathlons and ultra-swimming events. My beautiful 12-year-old daughter keeps me on my toes. Parenting can be terrifying. I try to impart knowledge. I’m not sure she always likes it, but I want to provide her with the best understanding of the world that I can."

- Erica Thomson, Peer Coordinator, Harm Reduction Program

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