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Written by Glenn Marcus, Executive Director, People Services

All Management and Management Support Employees can begin documenting their performance plans in ‘My Journal’, the new re-designed Performancelink system.

My Journal is the new re-designed Performancelink system. It incorporates feedback from across the organization and best practices. Some of the improvements we’ve made include:

  • You no longer need to 'log in' with your email address and a password. The site is available as soon as you are in your Windows Account.
  • Your work is automatically saved. No more worries about clicking the ‘save’ button.
  • The spell check program in your browser will work on the text you enter.
  • You no longer need to divvy up your action plans into ‘Strategic’ and ‘Key Performance’ sections, taking the guesswork out of where to enter your plans.
  • A new feature called 'My Feedback' is a way to ask specific people for feedback on some work/service you provided. This multi-source feedback provides you and your manager richer information.
  • A new feature called 'My Teams' provides an easier means for members of cross portfolio teams to record and report on 'Action Plans' supporting a 'Team Project'.

To get started, simply open My Journal and begin entering your ‘Action Plans’ under the ‘My Work’ section. Remember to keep the status of your plans up-to-date. You can make changes throughout the year, but be sure to have regular performance plan discussions with your manager so there are no surprises at the year-end discussion.

Performance planning timeline

The timeline for discussing and creating your performance plans remain the same.

  • April, May and June: Develop your plan, obtain approval from manager and input into My Journal.
  • September: Mid-year check-in. By this point your plan has been inputted and you’ve had status discussions with your manager.
  • March: Year-end discussion takes place. Your performance plan is important. Consideration for eligibility of salary increases are based on documented performance plans and accomplishments.

If you need more information about performance planning or the My Journal tool, check out the guides on the Performance Planning page on FHPulse. Training support is scheduled throughout May and for general assistance, please reach out to People Services.

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