Written by Neall Ireland, Information Privacy Coordinator

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As a member of Fraser Health, you come into contact with private and confidential information every day, through the work that you do and the interactions you have with your clients, residents and patients. It is important to remember that these interactions and the information shared are personal and not to be shared outside the context of the encounter or work that you do. It is important that we all do our part in being privacy and security smart.

Some easy steps to being privacy and security smart include limiting what you share or disclose on a need-to-know basis. Does the information you are sharing need to be known in order to accomplish a task or job? Also, how much of the personal information is actually needed to perform a job or task? Only disclose what truly needs to be known.

It is also good to know:

  • It is essential to recognize, respect and protect someone’s privacy
  • Never discuss confidential information in public areas
  • A privacy breach means accessing, using or sharing information that is not required or related to your role.

We all play a part …

Regardless of our roles, we all encounter confidential information about patients, clients and staff when carrying out our work. Always remember the people who are reflected in the information we handle, and why it’s important to maintain respect for their personal information.

… be privacy and security smart!

  • Know your area’s policies and procedures with respect to privacy and security
  • Assess every situation before acting to determine if it’s part of your role – your permitted work purpose – to share confidential information
  • Use confidential shredding bins to safely destroy confidential information you may encounter
  • If you suspect a privacy breach, contact
  • When you aren’t sure, check with your supervisor

Test your knowledge

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