Bud and Betty Volunteers What I Do Matters
Written by Megan White, Senior Communications Consultant, Communications and Public Affairs

Get to know husband and wife volunteer team, Bud and Betty Johnson, and find out why they feel lucky to do what they do.

Volunteers make positive impacts in our hospitals and communities every day. Meet long-time Peace Arch Hospital volunteer couple, Bud and Betty Johnson, who explain why they feel grateful to give back.


“We didn’t plan to get involved in health care. We both came from the financial sector, in fact I’m really proud to have been one of the first female bank managers in Canada! But after retirement, we were looking for other ways to contribute.

I started at Peace Arch 15 years ago; Bud joined me eight years later. I’ve worked in the gift shop, hosted resident birthday parties and led major fundraising efforts. Today, I help onboard new volunteers. Their enthusiasm is energizing!

There’s an adjustment period for the volunteers who are new to health care. I tell them to stick it out because once you get accustomed it’s so rewarding. I also tell them not to feel bad if they discover health care isn’t for them. Volunteering is great – as long as you’re contributing and having fun!

This is such a great hospital; the volunteers are valued and we’ve created a great community for ourselves through this opportunity.”


“I held other volunteer roles before Fraser Health. One experience had me paired up with an amazing young man with Huntington’s disease. He couldn’t speak, it was difficult for him to walk, but I got him going with a walker. I learned he loved country music, so I got him a Walkman with his favourite songs. His wife sent me Christmas cards for years.

Like Betty, I started with the auxiliary. I worked in the thrift shop and the gift shop. Most recently, I’ve been managing the brochures in the hospital’s Health Centre. I know the patients and staff here well. I’m inspired every day. One resident – I call him my hero – we chat often. He has a debilitating disease, but he’s out walking every day, rain or shine. He’s amazing.

We’ve been married 62 years and been blessed with an amazing life. I’m turning 90 soon and getting ready to retire, but feel lucky to have been able to give back while gaining precious memories.

Every day, through their positive attitudes and genuine desire to give back, our volunteers make positive impacts on our patients and staff. Thank you to people like Bud and Betty who help create great experiences for people in our hospitals and communities.

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