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Written by Lisa Thibault, Senior Consultant, Digital and Corporate Communications

If you participate in online communities and are active on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), you need to know your rights and responsibilities.

The electronic communications policy is now the digital communications policy and includes: 

  • A new three-way partnership between Communications and Public Affairs, Employee Experience and Technology, Informatics and Analytics to manage the Fraser Health brand, new technologies and expectations and performance of Fraser Health employees in online communications.
  • More modern language and references that reflect the increased use of mobile digital technology in the workplace.
  • New information on creating and using Fraser Health digital communications channels (such as websites, social media communities, and public facing apps).
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities of users (staff, physicians, volunteers, et al) of digital communications.

Look to The Beat in the coming weeks for tips for effective online and email communications, information on understanding both your rights AND responsibilities and tools for using digital channels to communicate with your stakeholders.

Check out the new digital communications policy on FH Pulse to learn more about the use of digital communications devices and channels in Fraser Health.

Questions, comments or ideas about the policy? 

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