Ken McDonald
Written by Ashley Lavoie, Library Technician, Library Services

Library Services profiles their second super user: Ken McDonald, Clinical Nurse Specialist for Mental Health and Substance Use.

Ken McDonald is runner-up in Library Service's recent Top Literature Search Requestors for 2017-2018. Ken leads the pack in accessing Library Services to increase his knowledge, develop new clinical tools and create staff training programs as a clinical nurse specialist for Mental Health and Substance Use.

“The Library Services informs my work,” said Ken McDonald. “I use the online journal databases to help me find full-text versions of articles and to plan and execute thorough literature reviews. I also subscribe to automated monthly searches on key topics.”

Ken, amongst other Mental Health and Substance Use (MHSU) staff, receives the Library’s MHSU Journal Watch to keep informed on recent research. Such journal watches are curated by liaison librarians and published on a quarterly basis to subscription lists. Anyone interested may ask to be added to these lists by contacting Library Services.

Library Services has also created a special edition Journal Watch on Cannabis to coincide with the legalization of cannabis in Canada on October 17. This information helps to support MHSU and other staff by providing current cannabis research to inform evidence-based patient care.

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