hospital staff helping patient become more mobile
Written by Stephanie Bale, Senior Consultant, Communications and Public Affairs

Safety Starts With Me – Stories to educate patients and staff about the steps to keep patients safe while in the hospital.

Staying active is a good way to help patients recover while in the hospital. Dave, a licensed practical nurse at Surrey Memorial Hospital, supports Sandra Sterner with her goals to become more mobile and to return home.

“Staying in a hospital bed for long periods puts patients at risk of losing their strength, mobility and balance; this is a particularly serious issue for older adults,” said Dr. Grace Park, program medical director home health and a practicing physician. “I encourage my patients to stay active while in the hospital and to get up to walk as much as possible with assistance from care providers.”  

At times, patient fatigue, pain, IV lines, urinary catheters or concerns over falling can be perceived as barriers to mobility -- but thoughtful care planning with the patient, family members and the care team can address these challenges.

“It’s difficult work but I’m starting to feel better because I’m moving,” says Sandra Sterner, a Surrey Memorial Hospital patient. “My goal is to walk up 17 steps in my home when I leave the hospital. I’m grateful for the wonderful staff who are helping me.” 

Mobility of patients is a growing focus across all Fraser Health hospitals. At Chilliwack General Hospital all admitted patients are expected to be mobilized unless they have a physician’s order to the contrary. There is a growing awareness to adopt this approach as a standard to promote positive health outcomes for patients. Together let's keep our patients moving and prevent harm.

This story is part of the Safety Starts With Me series to educate patients and staff about the steps to keep patients safe while in the hospital.

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