battery recycling
Written by Glen Garrick, Sustainability Manager, Lower Mainland Facilities Management

The batteries we use every day may contain metals that can be harmful to the environment if not disposed properly.

Battery recycling allows materials to be turned into new batteries, stainless steel products, concrete, and much more. All waste products are responsibly and safely disposed according to international standards.

Recycling is easy—we collect dead batteries in collection boxes at our sites. These are picked up by Call2Recycle or other service providers. But there’s one more step: some battery types must be individually packaged (bagged or taped) before being put into the collection box. This prevents sparks and overheating that make dead batteries a fire hazard.

Which batteries need packaging?

These battery types must be individually bagged in a clear plastic bag or must have the positive (+) terminal covered with a non-conductive tape:

  • rechargeable batteries:
  • lithium ion (Li-Ion)
  • small sealed lead acid (SSLA/Pb)
  • primary batteries:

alkaline (over 12 volts)
button/coin cell

If in doubt about the type of battery, be sure to place it in a bag or tape it.

How to bag a battery

Place one battery only into a clear plastic bag. Types of clear plastic bags include:

  • bags provided by Call2Recycle
  • produce bags
  • newspaper bags
  • resealable zipper bags

How to tape a battery

If no bags are available, tape the positive (+) terminal (the end with the bump) with a non-conductive tape. Take care to not cover the chemistry label. Types of non-conductive tape include:

  • clear packing tape
  • electrical tape
  • duct tape

Do not use masking tape, painter’s tape, or Scotch tape.


  • Contact Housekeeping to find out where the closest box is or to determine if it makes sense to have a box in your unit.
  • Contact the Energy and Environmental Sustainability Team at:
  • Visit to find a cell phone drop-off location. Call2Recycle no longer accepts cell phones for recycling.

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